Despite the emergence of effective non-surgical procedures, traditional facelift surgery has not fallen in popularity. It has, however, become less invasive to minimize scar formation and is often combined with non-surgical procedures for optimal results. Whether surgical or non-surgical, the modern facelift allows your face to retain its individuality and avoids a mask-like or artificial appearance.

“I also thank you for your skill and professionalism as a surgeon and the way in which I have felt cared for throughout the whole period since I first saw you until we closed off my case today.”Mrs E., Switzerland


Subject to technique and desired result, facelift surgery may take up to five hours and is usually carried out under general anaesthesia. Facelifts are performed exclusively in renowned private clinics. Downtime is approximately two to three weeks.

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facelift risks

Facelift risks

The modern operative facelift is a very safe procedure. Complications are extremely rare. General risks include postoperative haemorrhage and infection. Specific risks are circulatory disorders of the skin and nerve injuries.

Facelift cost

Facelifts are highly personalized surgical procedures that are customized to each face and individual wishes. It is, in other words, made-to-measure and therefore varies greatly in cost. Follow-up checks are included in the facelift cost.

facelift cost