Age spot removal

For youthful skin

Youthful skin resembles a peach: It’s finely-pored and colored homogeneously. As the skin ages, the functioning of skin cells is affected, causing irregular pigmentation. Pores and vessels weaken and become visible. The tightening and cell-activating properties of the Fraxel Restore Dual laser address these issues.

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Age Spot Treatment

Treatment with Fraxel Restore Dual results in consistent pigmentation, finer pores and tighter skin. One session takes approximately 30 minutes and is performed in the Basel clinic. The treated zones may be reddened for a day or two. The application of UV-protection after the treatment is mandatory.

age spots removal
age spots removal cost

Age Spot Removal Cost

The cost for the removal of age spots varies according to surface treated area. The follow-up check is free of charge.